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Social Impact Measurement Consultants
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Get Certified As Impact Strategy Consultants

Join network of hundreds of impact practitioners, social enterprises, nonprofits and impact investors. Enhance your structured knowledge of Impact Strategy, Impact Measurement & Management, Reporting and SROI using innovative Impact Cloud.

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Build Impact Knowlege Graph

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Become an experienced social impact measurement & management consultant through a step by step contribution, learning, courses and certification process.   

Contribute To Impact Community

Select from many impact community roles and contribute your 10-20 hours of time to drive impact knowledge

Contribute to Impact Community


Build Impact Knowledge Graph

Download a freemium impact cloud and build at least 3 Public impact knowledge graph. Build expert impact strategy in a short time

Build Impact Knowledge Graph


Build Impact Strategy & Report

Identify pilot & paid customer build a robust impact knowledge graph and submit for certification process

Build Impact Strategy & Reports

Enrich & Collaborate

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Actionable Impact Strategy

Impact Strategy

Design impact strategy for a mission-driven organization or sustainable business using step by step wizard. Create private, sharable or public theory of change and deeper impact strategy
Social Impact Metrics

Social Impact Metrics

Best practices of selecting impact metrics for your organization, step by step process of identify publicly available impact metrics and design of custom metrics
Social Impact Metrics

Social Impact Measurement

Build data-driven enterprise by learning lean data measurement approach. Identify all data sources, identify data collection gap quickly and develop survey for a better outcome management
Social Impact Reporting

Social Impact Reporting

Learn best practices in impact reporting for each segment - nonprofit, public agency, grant evaluation, impact investing, sustainability and SDG Tracking
Impact Management

Impact Management

Impact Management is a robust process that involves step by step implementation of all steps in such a way enterprise can learn beneficiary social imapact and communicate with investors effectively

Deep Impact Network

Share your knowledge, Align with SDG and Take Certification and Collaborate With Social Impact Network of Practitioners, Social Enterprise, Nonprofits and Impact Investors
Impact Cloud

Impact Cloud

Become Certified Practitioners of Impact Strategy, Impact Reporting, SROI, Impact Management and Impact Cloud

Take Certification

Increase your impact strategy knowledge and drive better impact practice from your desktop.  Simple steps for certiication.
Theory of change

Impact Strategy Certification

(Coming Soon)
1. Submit your public or client Impact Knowlege Graph
2. Take Quiz
3. Get Certification Level 1
Impact Maker

Impact Maker Certification

(coming Fall 2019)
1. Identify, cleans & prepare data sources,
2. Build effect outcome management survey,
3. Data Gap and Enrichment,
4. Analytics & Story Building,
5. Client Pilot
Impact Management

Impact Manager

(Coming Fall 2019)
1. Build Impact Portfolio
2. Build Due Diligence Rules
3. Assign Impact Metrics & Results Collection,
4. Analytics & Story Building,
5. Client Pilot
Social Value International Certified

SROI Calculation & Reporting

Become SROI certified practioner (seperate certification required from Social Value International)
Are you evaluating social impact practitioners?

To get you on the pathway to social impact success, we are offering a FREE consultation and introduction to your social impact certified strategists aligned to your need. Together we will begin to build a impact roadmap that will help you not only meet, but surpass those goals!