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Raise Impact Capital or Grants By Aligning Impact Thesis

Program starting in early 2019

Design impact strategy that align with investors by aligning Impact Thesis and Defining Impact Measurement Strategy

  • Impact Strategy
  • Impact Statement
  • Theory Of Change
  • Impact Thesis
    Global Impact Repository
  • Custom Indicators
  • Data Strategy
  • Impact report

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Are you an organization ready to communicate your impact to raise more capital and scale? We can’t let resource constraint be a stopper, so we came up with a democratized solution for startups and small nonprofits. 

  • Design Impact Statement
  • Design Theory of Change
  • Align Impact Thesis, SDG and Standard Metrics
  • Design Custom Metrics
  • Data Strategy

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impact measurement cloud
impact measurement software
Theory Of Change

Theory Of Change

Wizard driven design provides innovative impact statement and theory of change

Global and Custom Metrics

Global & Custom Metrics

Intelligent metadata based metrics allows rapid search and deployment of results data collection.

Impact Thesis & Data Strategy

Impact Thesis & Data Strategy

Align your impact thesis with investors thesis and design comprehensive data strategy

impact measurement cloud solution
Nancy Metzger

“The Platform uses Impact language I'm familiar with and makes it easy to carry out our Impact Management practice".
WCCN, Executive Director, Nancy Metzer