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Are you an organization ready to communicate your impact to raise more capital and scale? We can’t let resource constraint be a stopper, so we came up with a democratized solution for startups and small nonprofits. 

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Fill in some quick details about your organization and let us know the kind of work you are doing on this beautiful planet. 

Results Entry

Create TOC

Create your Theory of Change, including setting up of impact, goals,  and indicators.  ToC wizard helps you seamlessly build your theory of change through a step-by-step guided process.

Self Data Entry

Results entry

Step by step process to align results from past if you already have data or provide forecast results for your investors

Generate Report

Generate Report

Build impactful report from a template with 1) Organization Summary, 2) Impact Approach, 3) Impact Thesis, 4) 5 Dimensions of Impact, 5) Results Past/Forecast

Report Builder – IMP – 1-1

Start communicating your Impact today!

We are on a mission to help startups and small scale organizations communicate the impact to raise more capital so they have a better impact, creating a virtuous cycle. Learn More: Theory Of Change