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Actionable Impact Management: "Metrics"

Volume Two: Metrics continues our journey from Volume One: Groundwork. "Metrics" will facilitate the necessary discussions and documentation for your organization to select meaningful and practical metrics.
  • Measure What Matters

  • Aligning with Standard Metrics

  • Securing Enduring Metrics 

  • Metrics Data Pipeline 

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Download Actionable Impact Management Book "Metrics"


Theory of Change to 
Impact Reporting In Short Time.

Innovative Impact Knowledge Graph allows every impact organization and practitioner to build a strategy and start data-driven impact journey.

  • Start from library of global metrics and public theory of change
  • Build and share impact statement, impact map with stakeholders
  • Rapidly align global indicators and custom indicators
  • Data collection including calculation from existing data
  • Align indicators with impact thesis import to investors
  • Raise impact capital fast with effective impact reports
Align Impact Metrics with SDG

Custom Metrics

Design social impact metrics for your internal uses based on program goals, theory of change and funders alignment


Standard Metrics

Align metrics with impact investing metrics, sustainability, development metrics, and philanthropy metrics

Align with SDG


Align with SDG

Align indicators with SDG Goals and SDG Targets 


"The Platform uses Impact language I'm familiar with and makes it easy to carry out our Impact Management practice."
Nancy Metzger, Executive Director, WCCN